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Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery



The Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.
The Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery is the statewide coalition that organizes people in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and recovery allies into a unified recovery presence within Maine. We are a statewide recovery community organization that represents the many pathways of recovery. MAAR members and supporters celebrate recovery every day – we know firsthand that recovery works.

Recovery is the overall goal of every treatment and recovery support program that exists in our state. It is a lifelong and personal journey requiring courage and commitment to live in new ways that strengthen a healthy lifestyle free of alcohol or illicit drugs.
The Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery is Maine’s leader in developing the concept and creating a recovery oriented system of care for Maine, centered around the expressed needs of those in recovery.  Nationally, this transformative movement strives to change the ways that all recovery support services are developed and provided.  MAAR works to create community based peer support programs that build and sustain recovery.

The Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery’s goals include:

  • Serve as leaders and teachers about addiction recovery
  • Uphold that people recover through a variety of means: 12 step programs,  faith-based programs, medication assisted recovery, treatment assisted, peer supported,  and many others
  • Serve as Living Proof that recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is a reality
  • Facilitate Leadership training sessions for recovering people and allies
  • Work to lessen the stigma and discrimination faced by people with addictions
  • Collaborate with recovery advocates in the State and around the country to change attitudes and beliefs about recovery
  • Advocate with legislators and policy makers to ensure that Maine people can access the peer recovery supports they need
  • Volunteer our expertise and energy to help plan and support community-based recovery events
  • Help to create peer recovery support programs in communities across Maine

MAAR Recovery Values

Reilience: We are resilient and kind to one another and to those we serve. We are inclusive and encourage diversity of thought and people. 

Empathetic:  We have empathy for others and treat every recoveree stakeholder, and volunteer with dignity and respect.

Committed:  We are committed to building a Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) empowering individuals and families served and strengthening our communities. 

Open-mindedness:  We create substance use disorder and mental health awareness in the community about the challenges recoverees face, and we facilitate self-awareness in our Recovery Coaches and recovery advocates. 

Versatility:  We honor versatility in recovery choices recognizing and honoring the personalized decisions of the individuals and families we serve. 

Ethicial:  We adhere to the highest ethical standards in all areas of our business practices. 

Reliable:  We do what we say we are going to do as a nonprofit organization and as individuals representing MAAR. 

Yielding:  We honor flexibility and responsiveness working to bridge differences and build statewide solutions to address emerging needs. 
Are you in recovery and looking to share your voice?

  •    Do you want to do something and don’t know what to do?
  •    Here’s an opportunity for you!
  •    CommUNITY Recovery of Androscoggin County invites you to join us for a monthly meeting to develop action steps to address the opiate crisis in our community
  •   Our focus is; “Persons in recovery will be active participants in supporting a community that recognizes the full continuum of care and all pathways of recovery”

Contact Nicole Garant @ tel:(207)783-9141/1-800-787-1155 or